Nutritionally Enhanced Corn (NEC)
Nutritionally Enhanced Corn (NEC)

Origin’s Revolutionary Nutritionally Enhanced Corn (NEC)

Boosting livestock nutrition and promoting sustainability with our groundbreaking NEC feedstock

Origin Agritech is proud to introduce Nutritionally Enhanced Corn (NEC), a product of years of meticulous breeding efforts. Developed to deliver an exceptional nutritional profile, NEC offers multiple benefits over conventional hybrid corn.




One of NEC’s standout features is its oil content, which exceeds 8%, over double that of standard corn. This substantial increase not only enriches the nutritional value of the corn but also adds significant market value, potentially increasing it by over RMB400 per metric ton.

In addition, NEC boasts a lysine content that is over 50% higher than that of conventional corn. Lysine, an essential amino acid vital for protein synthesis further enhances the nutritional advantages of NEC.





Key Benefits of NEC

Complete Nutrition for Hogs: NEC’s enhanced nutritional profile ensures that hogs receive all the necessary nutrients to thrive without the need for expensive soybean meal supplementation. 

Environmental Advantages: NEC’s innovative breeding techniques result in a more resource-efficient crop, requiring less farmland and less fertilizer. As a result, hog farming becomes more sustainable, with reduced greenhouse gas emissions and a smaller environmental footprint.

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5,000 Acres of NEC corn growing in Xinjiang for 2023 harvest