Corn Seeds
Corn Seeds

The corn hybrids which Origin produces and distributes include self-developed Aoyu, Liyu series, and other licensed hybrids.

Origin corn hybrids have excellent yield, disease resistance and seed quality. Our Linao 1 and Yuyu 22 were awarded "Houji Golden Prize" and "Second Prize for State Advance Science & Technology". They were selected as the "Top 5 Proprietary Corn Varieties" in the Nationwide Distribution Area category by the New Products Protection Office of Ministry of Agriculture.

Our corn hybrids cover the spring planting region in northeast, central and southwest, and the summer planting region in Yellow River, Huai River and central area of China. Our sales area covers corn producing areas from northeast to southwest. At present, we have 45 corn hybrids in the market.

Major GMO approvals pending

First GMO Export from China to U.S.

Origin’s first generation biotechnology trait for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance (PEST/WEED) was successfully exported in 2017 from China to the United States. This represented the first export of such technology by a Chinese seed company to a strategic partner based in the U.S for GM seed products. These corn seeds with insect resistance and herbicide tolerance technologies were entered into collaborative field experiments in the summer of 2017 which confirmed their efficacy of the traits.

2007 - 2014
Millions of R&D in GMO corn variations

1997 - 2007
Launched more than 100s hybrid corn seeds