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To solve the world’s food security needs through industry leading technological innovations and socially responsible practices.


Origin Agritech Limited (NASDAQ: SEED) is China’s leading agricultural biotechnology company, specializing in crop seed breeding and genetic improvement, seed production, processing, distribution and related technical services. Origin believes it is fundamental to their mission to get the highest yield of production with the least input on the land from fertilizers and pesticides. To do this, the seed industry will need to breed super varieties that are pest and disease resistant as well as drought and salt tolerant. Origin is uniquely positioned to accomplish these objectives in the seed industry by focusing on finding the key gene traits and closely working with country governments to gain approvals and ultimately consumer acceptance.

Origin has established a complete, comprehensive and leading breeding research platform in China, including one research center, five breeding stations and one winter breeding base. Origin has devoted itself to the commercialization of genetically modified organisms (GMO), such as corn seed products, and collaborated with major research institutions, including the Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences (CAAS) to bring domestically developed GMO technologies to farmers in China and ultimately to the world. 

Origin holds nineteen Chinese patents registered with the State Intellectual Property Office (“SIPO”) and with similar government offices in various countries related to our seed products. Among these nineteen patents, fourteen patents are registered in China, and one in each in the United States, Brazil and Argentina, and two are PCT patents which are related to the biotechnology corn seed. Origin continues to apply for new patents alongside their R&D advancements, strengthening their business position.

Future Outlook

We are committed to meeting the world’s growing and evolving agricultural needs by leveraging our 25 years of expertise in biotechnology research, seed production and business sales operations.

Historical Timeline

All Systems Go!

The organization is ready for the commercialization of its GMO technologies

Grant Award

Origin was awarded a $0.95 million grant from the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, MARA, for the successful evaluation of the effects of two of its GMO corn traits, GH5112E-117C and G1105E-823. The MARA's grant program was established to award achievement in agricultural technology innovation and to speed up the technology's applications in agriculture production. The grant award of Origin's two GMO traits not only validates the success of our past research efforts but also shows the government's strong support of GMO research and product development in China.

Soybean Milestone

Achieved soybean bio-safety approval from the Chinese government

First GMO Export from China to U.S.

Origin’s first generation biotechnology trait for insect resistance and herbicide tolerance (PEST/WEED) was successfully exported in 2017 from China to the United States. This represented the first export of such technology by a Chinese seed company to a strategic partner based in the U.S for GM seed products. These corn seeds with insect resistance and herbicide tolerance technologies were entered into collaborative field experiments in the summer of 2017 which confirmed their efficacy of the traits.

Expanded Partnership to Commercialization

Origin entered into a commercial license and collaboration agreement with KWS SAAT SE (“KWS”). The agreement is the continuation of a collaborative effort dating back to 2011 and provides for the prolongation and extension of the collaboration between the companies covering the rights of KWS to use the traits for commercial purposes, including marketing seeds with improved performance.

1st Gen WEED and PEST/WEED traits

In 2016, Origin completed the laboratory and field production trials for its first generation PEST/WEED trait and have since been incorporated into the elite corn inbred lines of Origin and into the products of leading Chinese seed industry partners preparing for future regulatory approval and commercialization.

Commercial Licensing Agreement

Origin entered into a commercial licensing agreement with DuPont Pioneer, the advanced seed and genetic business of DuPont. Pursuant to the license, the Company and DuPont would jointly develop new seeds for Chinese farmers.

Global Ambition Beginnings

Set in motion the beginnings of an international expansion initiative by bringing the first genetically modified Chinese corn products overseas, with a focus in testing in the U.S. market

Award Winning Enterprise

Origin's R&D facility awarded the “Key Laboratory of Corn Biotechnology and Genetic Breeding” by the Chinese Ministry of Agriculture

Partnership with KWS

Origin entered into an agreement with KWS SAAT SE (“KWS”), granting rights to certain of its transgenic traits in maize to KWS and performed services on behalf of KWS relating to those traits and accompanying technologies. KWS is a global seed company, active in the business of maize, sugar beet and cereal seed production and marketing, as well as research and development in plant breeding.

New Biotech Center

Origin established a new biotechnology center in Hainan, China

4 Research Milestones

1) First generation phytase transgenic corn products; 2) First genetically modified (GM) crops licensed and approved for production in China; 3) second generation glyphosate tolerance transgenic corn seeds; 4) new technologies with stacked traits of glyphosate tolerance and insect resistance genes

Business Milestone

Vertically integrated biotech corn seed product pipeline

Established Flagship Center

Origin established the “Origin Life Science Research Center” in Zhong-Guan-Cun (ZGC) Life Science Park in Beijing, the principal activities of which include crop gene engineering, molecular marker-assisted breeding, and molecular identification

First Breeding Facility

We established our southern breeding center in Hainan, China

The First R&D Facility

Origin established a seed research and development center in Tongzhou, Beijing, which conducts research and development of commercial crop breeding


Founded in Beijing, China's prestigious Life Science Park area and set out on the beginnings of ambitious efforts to change the world of GMO

Headquarters & R& D in Beijing, China

Origin Headquarters in Beijing, China, occupies state-of-art facility focusing on biotechnology R&D. Xinjiang is the second location focuses on seeds production and testing.

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R&D Center


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