Gene Editing

CRISPR is a huge advancement for GMO plant breeding as it reduces the time to develop and plant a new GMO crop from over 10 years to around 2. It also reduces development cost by 90%. We have seen technology dramatically increase research efficiencies.

Transformation Research

We have established several technology platforms for plant genetic engineering, including gene cloning, vectors construction system, large-scale genetic transformation of maize, and detection of transgenic plants.
We have the ability to construct high expression vectors of certain key traits and then transform them into maize inbreds. Together with molecular identification and field selection, we can obtain high quality transgenic lines.

Our goal is to insert traits into hybrids with excellent market potential. We have successfully transformed herbicide resistance, insect resistance and drought stress genes into corn inbred lines.

China's first Corn Bio-safety approval

Soybean Bio-safety approval

Numerous Pending Approvals

• Two Corn Traits in the government final Bio-safety approval process • Three Corn Traits have finished their tests, approaching the step of submitting biosafety application • A number of elite commercial corn hybrids are pending for variety bio-safety approval