Hybrid Seed
Tens of Thousands Seed Hybrids Foundation to accelerate GMO R&D process

Owning about 80 hectares of land for research, we have tested more than ten thousand new corn hybrids, two thousand new rice hybrids, five hundred canola hybrids, and five hundred cotton hybrids.

With rich germplasm resources collected locally and from overseas, Origin has developed many corn lines in our breeding programs. After thorough yield trials and advancing the best hybrids, we have gradually built up a proprietary line of products.

Each year, Origin advances new proprietary varieties of corn, rice, and canola to participate in state and provincial regional trials. Additionally, we have also sent hybrids for testing to Germany, United States, Greece, Argentina and other foreign countries. Our research project on "Maize Germplasm Renewal and Commercialization" already passed the mid-and-small business research foundation funding examination by the Chinese Academy of Sciences.

Launched Hybrid Seeds in the Market
Marker-Assisted Breeding

Origin is currently working under a co-operating agreement with Chinese Agricultural University to use Simple Sequence Repeat markers to analyze the heterotic grouping of maize germplasm. Our results established several heterotic groups, which will greatly enhance conventional breeding and raise the efficiency of the breeding process. We are also developing markers for the selection of disease resistance lines to try to accelerate the breeding process. In addition to using DNA Marker for assisted breeding, we also successfully built the fingerprint libraries for both corn and rice, using it for variety protection, and for purity and true identity analysis.

Years of Strategic Partners in Hybrid Breeding

For conventional breeding, Origin established technological co-operations with top universities and research entities in China including Peking University, China Agricultural University, Henan Agricultural University, Chinese Academy of Sciences, China Academy of Agriculture Science, Liaoning Agricultural Academy, Yunnan Agricultural Academy, Guizhou Agricultural Academy of Science and Jilin Agricultural Academy of Science.

In biotechnology, Origin has cooperated with the Institute of Microbiology at Chinese Academy of Sciences undertaking one of Beijing Significant High-tech Achievements Transformation Projects "Transformation of Glutamate Dehydrogenase Gene of Fungus into Maize".

These co-operations are laying an important foundation for improving our research capability and enabling us to move our products into the market place.