Dr. Gengchen Han, Chairman of Origin Agritech, Hosts Visit for Board Director Dr. Shaojiang Chen at Beijing NEC Corn Demo Plot and Experimental Field

On July 14th, last Friday, Origin Agritech’s Chairman, Dr. Gengchen Han, welcomed Dr. Shaojiang Chen, Board Director of Origin Agritech and Professor at China Agricultural University, for a visit to the company’s NEC corn demo plot and experimental field located in Tongzhou, Beijing.

Dr. Han hosted the visit, intending to provide Dr. Chen with an immersive and informative experience in the field where Origin Agritech’s cutting-edge agricultural technology comes to life. The R&D team played a pivotal role in facilitating the tour, showcasing the ongoing projects and sharing their insights into the development and potential of NEC corn.









Photo: Chairman Gengchen Han and Dr. Shaojing Chen in Origin’s Beijing Tongzhou NEC corn demo plot and experiental field


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